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A naive look at search engines from a blog newbie

Opening a blog is a good opportunity to discover and rediscover how the main search engines work nowadays to get their information: long gone are the days when Altavista was the only major search engine.

It is also a good way to try and find out some of the reasons why a blog is a bit peculiar compared to a generic web site.

In particular, most blogs or news sites rely on technologies called RSS (for Really Simple Syndication) or Atom to provide a standard format for automated engines to know about available articles or posts; they’re called syndication formats. Most blog-specialized engines are based on the use of syndication formats; that’s the main point that makes them different from generic search engines. However, RSS was invented for news sites years before the word blog came into wide use; hence the difference between a blog and a web site is not as clear-cut as it may seem.

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Firefox extensions, Google Toolbar and FreeBSD

I’ve been a user of Firefox and the Google Toolbar for some time. Everything went fine until, last summer, I upgraded my Firefox. I discovered then that the recent releases of the toolbar refuse to be installed on FreeBSD, which happens to be the operating system I use. And, logically enough, FreeBSD is not listed in Google Toolbar’s FAQ on compatible systems. Yet previous revisions of the Toolbar worked just fine under FreeBSD!

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