Let the second Buzz effect begin

Ok, so after Google auto-subscribed about 10 million people to Buzz a few days ago to get traction, sit down and watch real-time mass unsubscription of upset people, including some vocal ones.

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5 thoughts on “Let the second Buzz effect begin”

  1. Arg, you linked to Fugitivus in your previous post but I missed it. Do not hesitate to discard this comment (and the previous one).

  2. Gabriel : I prefer to leave your comment as is. The link is good and if you didn’t see it yourself in the previous post, it deserves to be emphasized. Besides, I think this whole Buzz story deserves commenting and you’re the first one to date 🙂

  3. And one more important comment, here’s how to fully disable Buzz to cleanup your posts, profile and comments after yourself if you don’t want it:

    Just disabling it in Gmail is not enough, it will leave everything accessible by others.

    Also, as I said in my last post, if you had a picture on Orkut and none on Gmail, they stuck the Orkut picture in your Gmail profile by force and it is said to be displayed to your chat contacts, so disable that too if you don’t want that.

    I hope they won’t try to force-feed us more “synergy” data leaks like that between multiple distinct Google applications.

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