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Using mod_proxy to convert a legacy IPv4 web site to IPv6

In preparation for the impending doom of IPv4, and in order to put my money where my mouth is [fr], I decided to make this blog natively accessible through IPv6.

The first problem I ran into is that my blog runs in a FreeBSD jail. Jails are a fine way to run a virtualized environment but they only support IPv4 at the moment. So I had the following options:

  • implement IPv6 in jails myself (this wouldn’t have happened overnight);
  • wait for someone else to;
  • abandon the idea;
  • find a workaround.

Finally I found a workaround, using Apache mod_proxy as a separate server to provide a IPv6 frontend (a configuration called reverse proxy). Continue reading Using mod_proxy to convert a legacy IPv4 web site to IPv6

Thunder noise at Mozilla

Like many other people, I was somewhat perplexed by the Summer announcement of the Mozilla Foundation that Thunderbird would be further developed by a separate structure, a spin-off of the Mozilla Foundation.

The foundation has a huge heap of money generated by Firefox (Google donates a lot of it), whereas Thunderbird generates no significant revenue. Separating structures means that the Mozilla Foundation will have to inject cash (currently $3M as seed funding) to keep the new structure running until it is self-sustaining (which probably won’t happen overnight). It also means that Thunderbird will lose some of the huge visibility associated with the Mozilla Foundation.

From a strategic standpoint, I was perplexed. So I assumed that other, internal considerations went into play. Accounting, management, organizational reasons; whatever; I don’t know.

Last month, the new structure (dubbed Mailco for now) was finally announced.

Just a few days ago, both full-time (paid) lead developers of Thunderbird announced, in turn, they would leave the foundation next Friday. They will continue working on Thunderbird as (unpaid) volunteers. They didn’t explain why they were leaving, one can only assume they disagree with the new setup.

So now I’m even more perplexed. Things don’t seem to bode very well for Thunderbird, at least in the immediate future.

Note: from now on, my articles will be tagged either en or fr according to the language they’re written in, as I don’t intend to translate every article. This will hopefully make it a tiny bit easier for readers. I haven’t yet figured out a way to generate separate RSS feeds for that, though.

Mozilla 24 at ENST, a technical summary

Photographs here under Creative Commons license.

The plan

(sorry French readers, this one is better suited to English)

Participate from ENST, Paris, France in Mozilla 24, a multi-site, multi-continent, high-quality video conference operated from Keio University in Tokyo, Japan. Two simultaneous video streams (one from our conference room to Japan, the other one back) allow interactivity between the speakers in our room and audiences on the other sites.

The room setup

Video from Paris to Japan has been sent using a laptop running FreeBSD 6, with a Firewire card and a 100 Mbps ethernet port. The PC receives the DV video from a professional camera on the Firewire port and reemits it, encapsulated, on the ethernet port. Here’s a picture of the setup:


The blue cable is the 100 Mbps ethernet cable. The other cable is the firewire cable, plugged on the PCMCIA adapter.

Continue reading Mozilla 24 at ENST, a technical summary